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Mayock, Paula and Sheridan, Sarah (2013) At home in prison? Women and the homelessness– incarceration nexus. Irish Probation Journal , 10 , pp. 118-140.

URL: http://www.probation.ie/EN/PB/WebPages/WP16000126

Research in Ireland and internationally has documented a strong association between homelessness and incarceration. Nonetheless, the dynamics of this relationship are poorly understood. Although research suggests that the experience of incarceration among the homeless may have gender-specific dimensions, women have been largely ignored in the literature, which has tended to focus on the male experience. This paper examines the incarceration experiences of a sub-sample of women who are participants in a larger biographical study of women’s homelessness in Ireland. It charts their paths to incarceration and explores women’s perspectives on prison as well as their experiences post release. Rather than a discrete life event, incarceration emerged as an extension of an institutional circuit that served to exacerbate their marginalisation and diminish their prospects of securing stable housing.

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Date:October 2013
Page Range:pp. 118-140
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