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Health Protection Surveillance Centre. (2013) Health Protection Surveillance Centre annual report 2012. Dublin: Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

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Hepatitis C continues to be one of the most frequently notified infectious diseases in Ireland. 75% of those infected go on to develop chronic infection and are at risk of severe complications such as cirrhosis and liver cancer. Fortunately, recently introduced new treatment regimes can successfully eradicate the virus in the majority of patients treated but the challenge remains to improve prevention in high risk groups and to improve access to therapy for those already infected. The overall trend in newly diagnosed HIV cases has been stable in recent years. However the proportion of cases in MSM has been increasing and sex between men has been the commonest mode of transmission since 2010. The proportion of those diagnosed late varies by risk group and was highest among heterosexual males. Strategies to improve uptake of testing need to be strengthened to enable earlier detection of the disease.

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