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Tickner, Nicola (2013) Early leavers - What next? Dublin: Department of Education.

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Report on Early Leavers from Post-Primary schools – pupils enrolled in 2009/2010 and not in 2010/2011.

This report and its companion report ‘School Completers-What Next?’ are the first in a series of reports by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) which track school leavers a year after they leave school. The reports are based on a detailed analysis of the records held in the Department on students who were enrolled in DES-aided post-primary schools (on the Post-Primary Pupils Database), focusing on those pupils who were enrolled in post-primary schools in one academic year but not enrolled in one of these schools one year later. These pupils, using a unique personal identifier (a protected identifier key based on the Personal Public Service Number (PPSN)), were tracked to other data sources that were available at the time.

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