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Irish College of General Practitioners. (2013) ICGP pre-budget submission 2014. Dublin: Irish College of General Practitioners.

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The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP), the professional body for general practice in Ireland and the representative organisation on education training and standards in general practice, has called for a minimum pricing for alcohol to be introduced in its pre-budget submission, published today, 10 October 2013. "If the recent negative reaction to Arthur's Day is indicative of public opinion, Irish people have had enough of the destructive force of alcohol in our society," said Kieran Ryan, CEO, ICGP

The ICGP is calling on the Government to take urgent measures to reduce alcohol consumption. Introducing a minimum price for alcohol can be complementary to an excise duty/tax increase initiative.

In 2007, the overall cost of the harmful use of alcohol in Ireland was estimated to be €3.7 billion, representing 1.9 per cent of the GNP that year (Byrne 2011). In a recent Irish public opinion survey (HRB 2012), 85% of respondents thought that the current level of alcohol consumption in Ireland is too high.

Despite its effectiveness, taxation as a method of reducing harm from drinking appears to have been under-used. Excessive consumption of alcohol in Irish society has generated well documented problems for individuals and families. Our members encounter patients with problems related to alcohol misuse on a daily basis.

Due to the long term relationship that GPs have with the majority of their patients, they are in a unique position to witness the serious physical illness, psychological scars and family disruption caused by the misuse of alcohol. GPs often care for several generations of one family and can testify first hand to the long term effects of alcohol misuse on families.

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