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Whittaker, Anne (2003) Substance use in pregnancy. A resource pack for professionals in Lothian. Edinburgh: NHS Lothian.

PDF (Substance use in pregnancy) - Published Version
PDF (Substance use in pregnancy - summary sheet) - Published Version

Introduction - page 7
Key points - page 11
Setting the scene - page 15
• The extent of the problem
• The nature of the problem
Framework for care - page 21
• Philosophy of approach
Women and family centred approach - page 21
Guidelines on good practice- page.25
• The care process
Information and guidelines on drug use - page 31
Drugs and their effects on the developing baby - page 35
• Evidence base
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) - page 43
Management of substance use in pregnancy - page 51
• Smoking cessation
• Advice on alcohol consumption
• Assessing drug related problems
• Management of problem drug use
• Maternity care - page.65
• Pre-conceptual care
• Antenatal care
• Risk assessment during pregnancy
• Intrapartum care (labour and childbirth)
• Infant feeding
• Postnatal care
Assessing and managing child care risk during pregnancy - page 95

Appendices - page 127
1. Blood Borne Viruses
2. Link Midwives (Substance Misuse)
3. Link Health Visitors (Substance Misuse)
4. Model Care Pathway
5. Consent form for multi-disciplinary working
6. GP allocation proforma letter
7. T-ACE alcohol screening questionnaire
8. Drug & Alcohol Diary
9. Midwifery Liaison Forms (Substance Misuse)
10. NAS assessment score chart
11. Leaflet: Pregnant… and using alcohol and drugs?
12. Leaflet: Caring for a baby with drug withdrawal symptoms

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