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Kenny, Pauline and Swan, Amy and Berends, Lynda and Jenner, Linda and Hunter, Barbara and Mugavin, Janette [Turning Point] . (2009) Alcohol and other drug withdrawal: practice guidelines. Victoria: Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre. 221 p.

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Clinical guidelines seek to direct clinical practice by outlining recognised, evidence-based treatment interventions. They draw on current literature and clinical practice expertise. These Guidelines provide guidance for clinical decision-making in the context of individual client requirements, withdrawal setting, treatment availability and individual service protocols.

These Guidelines are consistent with the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) United Nations Principles of Drug Dependence Treatment (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and World Health Organization, 2008). They outline current best practice for the management of AOD-dependent clients accessing withdrawal care.

1 Introduction - page 1
2 Definitions of dependence and withdrawal - page 5
3 Principles of AOD withdrawal care - page 9
4 Continuity of Care - page 11
5 Features of AOD withdrawal - page 13
6 Special needs groups - page 19
7 Presentation to AOD withdrawal - page 29
8 AOD withdrawal settings - page 31
9 Assessment - page 37
10 Alcohol withdrawal - page 45
11 Opioid withdrawal - page 65
12 Benzodiazepines - page 87
13 Amphetamine-type substances (ATS) - page 99
14 Cannabis - page 111
15 Nicotine - page 121
16 AOD withdrawal for clients with a dual diagnosis - page 133
17 References - page 161

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Source:Turning Point
Pages:221 p.
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Place of Publication:Victoria
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