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Scottish Drugs Forum. (2013) Take Home Naloxone (THN) overdose intervention training resources. Glasgow: Scottish Drugs Forum.

[img] PDF (Naloxone can be a lifesaver booklet) - Supplemental Material
[img] PDF ('What you should know’:a booklet giving advice on preventing overdose and other drug-related deaths including through infections) - Supplemental Material

Naloxone is a pharmaceutical drug which can temporarily reverse the effects of an opiate overdose, providing more time for an ambulance to arrive and treatment to be given.

The Scottish National Take Home Naloxone programme involves Naloxone being provided to those thought to be at risk of opiate overdose - once they have undergone specialist training. This training will also be available to their family, friends, carers, partners and other people they associate with and who are likely to be in the vicinity if an overdose occurs.

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