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An Garda Siochana. (2013) An Garda Síochana: annual report 2012. Dublin: An Garda Siochana.

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(P. 4 & 5) The Garda National Drugs Unit has overall primary responsibility for Drug Law Enforcement. The Unit is tasked with the investigation of drug trafficking insofar as this jurisdiction is concerned. It has a national and international remit in this regard and also enjoys a fruitful relationship with Revenue's Customs Service, the Irish Navy and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. It has also forged strong partnerships with European and International law enforcement agencies.

The GNDU carries out long term strategic and short term tactical investigations into the activities of Organised Crime Gangs (OCG's) based both here and on the European Continent from where drug traffickers ply their trade to the detriment of the Irish nation. The GNDU liaises with other European Police Forces and has strategic partners in the United Kingdom, Spain, Holland and Belgium; countries where OGC’s affecting the Irish jurisdiction tend to be the most proactive.

In 2012 the Garda National Drugs Unit arrested 125 persons in connection with drug trafficking offences, 91 of these were charged and are before the Courts with the remainder being made the subject of investigation files to the Director of Public Prosecutions. €80.7million of controlled drugs was seized by GNDU in 2012 which included Cocaine, Heroin, Herbal Cannabis, Cannabis Resin and Ecstasy. In total, 71 significant seizures we made including the seizure, in June 2012 of 432kgs of Cocaine with an estimated street value of €30.23million which was imported to Ireland from Bolivia via the Netherlands concealed in timber floor boards……..

Crime Statistics for 2012 (p.64):
01 Homicide offences - 78
02 Sexual offences – 2,059
03 Attempts or threats to murder, assaults, harassments and related offenses – 15,313
04 Dangerous or negligent acts – 9,012
05 Kidnapping and related offences - 98
06 Robbery, extortion – 2,818
07 Burglary and related offences – 27,774
08 Theft and related offences - 76,549
09 Fraud, deception and related offences – 5,544
10 Controlled drug offences – 16,471
11 Weapons and explosives offences – 3,011
12 Damage to property and to the environment – 32,609
13 Public order and other social code offences – 43,780
15 Offences against Government, justice procedures and organised crime – 8,852

See also, Forensic Science Laboratory drugs section table is on page 74

Date:August 2013
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