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Richardson, Noel and Clarke, Nicholas and Fowler, Colin (2013) A report on the all-Ireland young men and suicide project. Carlow: Men’s Health Forum in Ireland.

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Suicide is a major cause of death among young males on the island of Ireland. Over the past ten years, the rate of deaths from suicide has been five times higher in males than in females. Although the rate of male suicide in Ireland is relatively low within the overall European Union (EU) context, the rate among young males is amongst the highest in the EU. The recent spike in suicide rates among young males in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland coincides with the economic downturn and increasing levels of unemployment. On the island of Ireland, hanging is the most frequent method of suicide; particularly among young men. Although rates of attempted suicide and deliberate self harm (DSH) have, overall, been traditionally higher among females, rates of DSH are now higher among younger males than younger females.

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