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Nkire, Nnamdi and Ekwegbalu, UO and O'Connor, John J (2013) Subjective sleep complaints in patients attending a substance use disorder clinic. Irish Medical Journal , 106 , (1) .

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This study evaluated subjective reports of sleep difficulties in patients attending a designated consultant in The Drug Treatment Centre Board (DTCB). 89 patients consented to participate representing a 51% response rate. Approximately 65% complained of sleep difficulties. All those who complained of sleep problems had multiple sleep difficulties. About 37% reported six month duration of complaints at time of assessment. There was a significant association between reports of sleep difficulties with homelessness (Pearson’s X2= 6.298, p< 0.012), cigarette smoking (Pearson’s X2=6.017, p<0.014) and day time sleep (Pearson’s X2=3.920, p<0.048). Sleep problems are common amongst patients attending our opioid replacement treatment programme. The present study suggests measures to ensure a holistic management of complaints.

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