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Rape Crisis Network Ireland. (2012) RCNI statistical report on crimes of child sexual volence. Galway: Rape Crisis Network Ireland.

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Introduction 3
Survivors of Child Sexual Violence 5
• Gender of survivors
• Age of children at time of sexual violence
• Male survivor of child sexual violence case study
Crimes of Sexual Violence Disclosed to Rape Crisis Centres by Survivors of Child Sexual Violence 2011 7
• Type of sexual violence
• Types of other violence
• Duration of sexual violence
• Location of sexual violence
Perpetrator Information 12
• Gender of perpetrators
• Relationship of perpetrator to survivor
• Age of perpetrators
Disclosing and Reporting the Sexual Violence 2011 15
• Telling someone for the first time
• Referrals
• Time between sexual violence and RCC service usage
• Reporting the sexual violence
Survivor Demographics 2011 18
• Age of survivors of child sexual violence
• Country of origin
• Female survivor of sexual violence when aged 12-17 case study
Child Perpetrators 20
• Age of child perpetrators
• Child perpetrator age compared with survivors age at time of sexual violence
• Child perpetrators relationship to survivors
• Location of sexual violence perpetrated by child perpetrators
Findings 23
Conclusion 24
Methodology 25
Index of Terms 26
Bibliography 27

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Irish-related, Report
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Alcohol, All substances
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Harm reduction, Crime prevention
December 2012
32 p.
Rape Crisis Network Ireland
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Rape Crisis Network Ireland
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