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Roberts, Marion and Townshend, Tim and Pappalepore, Ilaria and Eldridge, Adam and Mulyawan, Budhi (2012) Local variations in youth drinking cultures. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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This study explores the lives of young people, aged 15-24, in two places located in regions of England where the harm caused by alcohol is markedly different. These were an area in the South East with low levels of alcohol-related harms and an area in the North East with a higher level of harms. The aim of the research was to explore whether living in these places influenced young people’s drinking. The researchers examined how and where young people below and above the legal age for drinking (15-24) spent their leisure time. They explored where they went, when, how often and who with. The study considered opportunities and constraints on drinking and other leisure activities, including issues such as the number and range of facilities, transport, policing and the influence of family and role models. The researchers drew on a mixture of methods, using physical mapping, direct observation, focus groups, semi-structured interviews and diaries to elicit a rich set of data.

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