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Hevey, David and Stack, Katriona and Cahill, Alison and Newton, Helen and Horgan, John J (2002) Rates of smoking in the households of cardiac patients. Journal of Cardiovascular Risk, 9, (5), pp. 271-274. doi: 10.1177/174182670200900507.

BACKGROUND: Non-smokers who live with smokers are at increased risk for coronary heart disease (CHD). However, such a risk may be increased if the non-smoker is a patient with established CHD. The present study assessed the percentage of cardiac rehabilitation patients who share a household with regular smokers.

METHODS: One hundred and three consecutive cardiac patients attending a hospital-based outpatient 10-week multidisciplinary cardiac rehabilitation programme completed a questionnaire to assess the smoking behaviour of cardiac patients and the smoking behaviour of others in the patient's household.

RESULTS: Forty percent of the present sample reported sharing a household with someone else who smoked. The single most common smoker in the household was the patient's spouse (36%), followed by son (12%), daughter (12%) and son and daughter (12%). Of those living with a smoker, only 15% reported that the smoker did not smoke in their presence. Thus, 85% of cardiac patients living in a house where somebody smoked were regularly exposed to environmental smoke.

CONCLUSION: A substantial number of cardiac patients may be exposed to environmental smoke in the household. Interventions to modify the lifestyle behaviour of other members of the cardiac patient's household may be warranted in order to achieve optimum secondary prevention.

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