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Simpson, D Dwayne and Bartholomew, Norma G (2008) Using client assessments to plan and monitor treatment (using CEST guide). Fort Worth: Texas Christian University. Institute of Behavioral Research.

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Using Client Assessments to Plan and Monitor Treatment is a guide for using the TCU Client Evaluations of Self and Treatment (TCU CEST) in individual or group counseling settings.

Sections of this manual include:
• Introduction: Ingredients of Effective Treatment -- The TCU treatment process framework is summarized, showing how client assessments and interventions “fit together” in adaptive treatment planning.
• Part 1: TCU Client Assessment Scales -- TCU assessments – especially the TCU CEST – are described, including how scales are defined, scored, and interpreted.
• Part 2: Combining Scores for Program Comparisons -- Averages of client scores are discussed as a basis for comparing clients between programs and evaluating changes over time.
• Part 3: Assessment Alternatives and Methods -- Different instruments and formats for conducting client assessments are reviewed, noting that choices depend on program technology and objectives.
• Part 4: Clinical Applications of CEST Scores -- Case study examples illustrate how CEST scores can be used for treatment planning and monitoring or as a group counseling activity.
• Resources and References -- Handouts and templates for applying client assessments discussed in Part 4 are included, along with a list of publication citations.

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