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Bartholomew, Norma G and Rowan-Szal, Grace and Simpson, D Dwayne (2005) Contingency management strategies and ideas. Texas: Texas Christian University. Institute of Behavioral Research.

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This manual includes a series of “topic-focused modular applications” designed particularly for counselors and group facilitators working in substance abuse treatment programs. The collection of applications contains focused, easily accessible, and brief adaptive strategies for using rewards and star charts to reinforce goal setting, early engagement, and retention in treatment settings.

Modular applications in this manual include:

• Part 1 -- CM: Getting Started provides background and considerations for developing simple contingency management (CM) or reinforcement protocols for use in substance abuse treatment settings. Information from research-based interventions developed for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is included, along with issues to consider for protocol design, implementation, and management. This chapter is designed as a primer for treatment staff interested in simple, yet effective reinforcement strategies to strengthen motivation and engagement in treatment.

• Part 2 -- StarCharts and Rewards presents ideas for a sample protocol for implementing CM with existing clients using simple incentive charts (StarCharts) and prizes. This section provides counselors and caseworkers with guidelines for getting ready for the protocol and for introducing and discussing CM participation with clients. Samples of client information sheets and informed consent forms are included, along with examples of incentive chart templates.

• Part 3 -- Rewarding Effort and Initiative provides a framework for conducting a goal-setting counseling session with clients to help identify tasks related to accomplishing goals as part of a CM protocol. The client and counselor work together to set a star “value” for each task, along with timelines and how accomplishment will be objectively assessed. A scripted sample interview is included, along with a planning template for charting agreed upon tasks and how stars will be awarded.

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