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Central Survey Unit, Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. (2012) Adult drinking patterns in Northern Ireland 2011. Belfast: Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.

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This report presents the main findings of a survey carried out to provide an up-to-date picture of adult drinking patterns in Northern Ireland in 2011. The findings are based on responses to a questionnaire from a representative sample of 2,022 respondents aged between 18 and 75 years old. The report examines the amount of alcohol respondents consumed, when, where and what they drank and who they drank with, together with binge and problem drinking. Those respondents who said that they drank alcohol were asked a series of questions about their alcohol consumption in the week prior to the survey.

Table of contents:
Executive Summary 5

1. The Survey
Methodology and Fieldwork

2. Drinking Prevalence 11
2.1 Alcohol Consumption
2.2 Frequency of Drinking

3. Drinking Behaviour 16
3.1 Days on which drinking occurs
3.2 Type of drink consumed
3.3 Where people drink
3.4 With whom people drink

4. Drinking Levels 24
4.1 Recommended daily drinking limits
4.1.1 Exceeding daily limit on at least one occasion
4.1.2 Day of week limit exceeded
4.1.3 Number of times limit reached or exceeded
4.2 Weekly guidelines for sensible drinking

5. Binge Drinking 34
5.1 Prevalence of binge drinking
5.2 Binge drinking by day of week
5.3 Level and frequency of binge drinking
5.3.1 Number of binge drinking sessions
5.3.2 Drinking Classifications for Male Respondents
5.3.3 Drinking Classifications for Female Respondents

6. Problem Drinking 42
6.1 CAGE Questions
6.1.1 I have felt I ought to cut down on my drinking
6.1.2 People have annoyed me by criticising my drinking
6.1.3 I have felt ashamed or guilty about my drinking
6.1.4 I have had a drink first thing in the morning to steady my nerves or get rid of a hangover
6.2 Problem drinkers

7. Perceptions of drinking 51
7.1 Self-perception of drinking 51
7.2 Have you ever had an unpleasant experience as a result of someone else's drinking
7.3 Have you ever done something after drinking alcohol which you have later regretted?

Appendix I 69
Methodology and Fieldwork
Adult Drinking Patterns Survey Report 2011
Statistical Significance Tests
CAGE Analysis
Alcohol Units in each type of Drink

Index of Tables and Figures 74

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