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Loughran, Hilda (2006) A place for motivational interviewing in probation? Irish Probation Journal , 3 , (1) , pp. 18-28.

PDF (Irish Probation Journal 2006) - Published Version

Motivational interviewing (MI) was developed by Miller in the early 1980s. From the beginning MI emphasised the counterproductive nature of the confrontational intervention models that were well established in the addiction field at that time.This article briefly outlines the key ideas that underpin the MI approach before looking at the possible place for this approach within the framework of the criminal justice system. Three questions are considered:
1. Is MI compatible with the philosophy, ethos and approach of the probation services in Ireland?
2. Does MI fit with the ‘what works’ movement in probation?
3. What is the position regarding the diffusion of MI within probation services?

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