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[Irish Medical Times] , Gantly, Dara Ireland has most users of heroin in EU. (15 Nov 2011)

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EU Commission figures out today (Tuesday, November 15) show that Ireland has the highest-documented problem opioid use in the EU.

According to estimates, opioid use — mainly heroin — in Ireland is about 8 cases per 1,000 population aged 15 to 64, compared to an EU average of around four cases.

The estimated mortality rate among Irish adults (aged 15-64 years) due to drug-induced deaths is also second highest in the EU at almost 70 deaths per million as against an EU average death rate of 21 per million (2009).

Ireland has the third-highest rate of cocaine use among young adults aged 15-34 in the EU (after the UK and Spain). In 2010, 3.1 per cent of young Irish adults used cocaine compared to an EU average of just over 2 per cent.

The figures, from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), show drug use to be relatively stable in Europe, with some positive signs that cocaine use may have peaked and that cannabis use continues to decline among young people.

Commenting on the findings, European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström, said: “I welcome the latest report from the EMCDDA. Whilst there are some positive trends regarding cocaine and cannabis use, we must remain vigilant, especially on the use of newer, synthetic substances. Law enforcement authorities must also continue to tackle the organised crime groups behind drug trafficking. The Commission remains firmly committed to supporting this agenda. This is also why I will soon be proposing rules on the confiscation and recovery of assets involved in serious crime, including drug trafficking.”


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