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Soilse. (2011) Soilse annual review 2010. Kildare: Health Service Executive.

PDF (Soilse 2010) - Published Version

Soilse, the HSE addiction rehabilitation programme in Dublin North Central, experienced another challenging year in 2010. However, despite budget constraints and logistical and building difficulties, we prioritised the needs of recovering drug abusers with considerable success. Throughout the year, we had enquiries, referrals, programme uptake and successful outcomes.

In terms of addiction, the problems are as enduring as ever with complex needs and limited progression opportunities. The rehabilitation strategy published in 2007 has had no practical effect. Yet Soilse saw a clear and positive impact from our work in terms of:
• stabilising service users;
• achieving detox;
• encouraging participants to move from our prescribed medication to our drugfree service; and
• consolidating these outcomes.

Our evidence base continually validates our approach with people who want to become independent of services being facilitated to do so. Soilse did well in 2010 in terms of educational and vocational outcomes, particularly through FETAC but also through comprehensive care planning. We faced protracted difficulties as a result of the staff moratorium and budget cuts, but continued to deliver a professional service, keeping morale and performance high. Our service is based on the following practice standards:
• holistic assessment
• care planning
• care management
• interagency work
• quality assurance, and
• customer service involvement

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