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Thornton, Lelia and Murphy, N and Jones, L and Connell, J and Dooley, S and Gavin, S and Hunter, K and Brennan, A (2012) Determination of the burden of hepatitis C virus infection in Ireland. Epidemiology and Infection , 140 , (8) , pp. 1461-1468.

Information on the burden of hepatitis C virus (HCV) disease is needed to inform policy decisions on primary and secondary prevention. Specimen based laboratory data (1989–2004) were converted to person-based data and combined with notification data (2004–2009) to describe the burden of HCV infection in Ireland. More than 10 000 people were confirmed as HCV infected in 1989–2004, with the numbers peaking in 2000. The predominant genotypes were 1 (55%) and 3 (39%). Drug use was the most likely risk factor in 80%, with receipt of blood or blood products in 16%. It is estimated that 20 000 50 000 people in Ireland are chronically infected with HCV, a population prevalence of 0.5–1.2%, which is similar to other countries in Northern Europe. This is the first published estimate of the number of chronic HCV infections in Ireland. These data will be of value in health service planning and will contribute to the understanding of HCV infection in Europe.

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