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Health Service Executive. (2011) Child protection and welfare practice handbook. Kildare: Health Service Executive.

PDF (Child Protection and Welfare Practice Handbook) - Published Version

The Handbook, which is based on the protocols as set out in Children First Guidance 2011 and the collective wisdom and best practice of experts and front line staff, will support the vital work of social workers and other relevant practitioners in dealing with child protection and welfare cases.

Examples of neglect:
Homelessness can be considered neglect when the inability by a parent or carer to provide shelter is the result of not managing their finances appropriately and there is evidence that the money has been spent not on rent but on drugs or alcohol, or the family had been engaged in anti-social behaviour leading to eviction.

Emotional neglect is more difficult to assess than other types of neglect, but it is the general opinion that it can have more severe and longlasting effects than physical neglect. It often occurs with other forms of neglect or abuse, which may be easier to identify, and includes:

Permitted drug or alcohol abuse – the encouragement or permission by the caregiver of drug or alcohol use by the child.

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