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Pavee Point Drugs Programme. (2011) The use of benzodiazepines within the Traveller community. Dublin: Pavee Point Travellers Centre.

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The widespread use of benzodiazepines has been a cause for concern for many years by organisations within the drugs sector culminating in the establishment of the Benzodiazepine Committee and subsequent publication of the Good Practice Guidelines for Clinicians in 2002.

Benzodiazepine refers to a wide range of drugs used as hypnotics, anxiolytics, tranquillisers, anticonvulsants and sedation. Synonyms include sleeping tablets and tranquillizers while they are also known by their street names such as nerve tablets, benzos, valies, sleepers and downers. It is nearly a decade since these good practice guidelines were published with no visible impact on prescribing practices or usage. The lack of regulation has many adverse effects on the community – dependency, drug driving, workplace accidents and the creation of a black market to name a few.

This report came about following numerous accounts of socio economic problems stemming from benzodiazepine dependency amongst the Traveller community. It examines the use of this particular group of drugs by the Traveller community based on anecdotal evidence collected by local Traveller organisations around Ireland. It also sets out some recommended actions that could be implemented to effectively tackle the problem.

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