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Poisons Information Centre of Ireland. (2011) Poisons Information Centre of Ireland annual report 2010. Dublin: Poisons Information Centre of Ireland.

PDF (National Poisons Information Centre 2010) - Published Version

The core function of the National Poisons Information Centre (NPIC) is to provide information, rapidly, by telephone, to assist in the treatment of poisoning. In 2010 we answered 9330 enquiries about human poisoning and followed-up 361 serious or unusual cases of poisoning to determine the outcome. We also answered 355 additional enquiries which included non-emergency requests for information and enquiries about poisoning in animals. Follow-up is usually performed by telephone and can involve multiple calls to nursing and/or medical staff. We are very grateful to everyone who takes the time to talk to us when we call to follow-up a case.

Overall, 59.4% of human cases were suspected accidental poisonings and 25.1% were cases of intentional self-poisoning or recreational abuse. Paracetamol remains the most common drug involved in human poisoning and laundry products the most common group of household product.

Enquiries about recreational drugs sold in headshops became common during 2010 and in June the NPIC alerted the HSE Department of Public Health to significant adverse effects associated with the product “Whack”. The HSE subsequently issued a warning to the general public about the drug. This illustrates the value of Poisons Centres in detecting new trends in poisoning and instigating preventative measures…

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