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Tallaght Rehabilitation Programme. (2011) Tallaght Rehabilitation Programme. Dublin: Tallaght Rehabilitation Programme.

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Outcomes for 2010
46 assessments where completed in 2010 to date 8 of these did not meet our criteria and where referred on to more suitable programs 1 was referred back to Ballyfermot Star, 1 to Catalyst Project Crumlin , 2 referred to St Dominic’s and 2 referred on TRP day programme. 24 of the service users assessed continue to access the service and utilise our service provision on a weekly basis. 7 service users are in a transition stage from the TRP day programme and avail of the service for continued support, 4 service users are in educational classes ranging from diploma level to literacy and ECDL training, 3 service are on community employment schemes ranging from administration , porter/security to trainee project worker, 2 service users are in full time employment 2 service users are volunteering on the service user forum and we will continue to work with community service that provide these opportunities for our service users.

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