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Burke, Sara and Pentony, Sinead (2011) Eliminating health inequalities – a matter of life and death. Dublin: TASC.

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There is now evidence to show that more equal societies do better across a range of outcomes, including health. Equality is good for everyone in society.

TASC is publishing this report because of the interrelationship between economic and health inequalities. Higher levels of economic inequality result in poorer health for everyone, but especially for those on the lowest incomes.

Eliminating health inequalities is, as the title of this report says, a matter of life and death. TASC argues that we have the means and opportunity to achieve a more equal – and thus healthier – society.

• Social determinants of health
• Fiscal policy, public spending and health inequalities
• Health services as a determinant of health
• Actions for eliminating health inequalities
• Appendix A: Health of the Irish population
• Appendix B: Institute of Public Health explanatory note

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