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NIDA-SAMHSA Blending Initiative. [Addiction Technology Transfer Research Center] (2010) Buprenorphine treatment for young adults. Bethesda, MD: NIDA-SAMHSA Blending Initiative. 68 p.

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The materials listed here were developed by blending the resources and talent of researchers and community treatment providers from US-based NIDA's Clinical Trials Network and staff from SAMHSA/CSAT's ATTC Network. These materials promote the understanding and adoption of evidence based treatment interventions by professionals in the treatment field.

Primary Goal:

Recent concern has focused on opioid use among youth, particularly non¬medical use of pain relievers.

This Blending product highlights the findings of the NIDA CTN study that compared longer term versus short-term buprenorphine/ naloxone treatment in an outpatient set¬ting. Primary results indicated that young adults in the longer term buprenor¬phine treatment were less likely to inject drugs or abuse opioids, cocaine, and marijuana, and were more likely to remain in treatment than those young adults who received short-term detoxification.

Blending Team products include:
Three-hour classroom training
PowerPoint presentation

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Source:Addiction Technology Transfer Research Center
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Place of Publication:Bethesda, MD
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