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Children's Rights Alliance. (2011) Ten years on: did the National Children’s Strategy deliver on its promises? Dublin: Children's Rights Alliance.

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The National Children’s Strategy: Our Children – Their Lives, a 10 year strategy that has driven children’s policy in Ireland since 2000, comes to an end in December 2010. This review, undertaken by the Children’s Rights Alliance in collaboration with our members,1 looks back at the ten years of the Strategy and assesses whether it has delivered on its objectives.

The review is intended to be reflective: it does not provide recommendations for the next National Children’s Strategy, expected later in 2011, but rather provides the space to assess and reflect on the ten years just past. The review is the first phase of the Alliance’s work on the National Children’s Strategy, the second phase will provide member organisations with an opportunity to comment on what they would like to see included in a second strategy. The Alliance will play an active role in the National Children’s Advisory Council with the aim of influencing the development of recommendations for the second strategy. We believe that the second national children’s strategy should build on the achievements of the National Children’s Strategy: Our Children – Their Lives, but also learn from its shortcomings and take active steps to address them. This review is an important opportunity to collectively reflect on the achievements and failures of the past ten years. Since 2000, much progress has been made and children have become more visible in Irish policy, however much remains to be done to make Ireland one of the best places in the world to be a child. It is hoped that this review will help provide the foundation for the development of the second strategy.

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