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O'Donnell, Kate and Jackson, Sarah and Moran, Joanne and O'Hora, Aidan (2011) HIV & AIDS in Ireland 2010. Dublin: Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

PDF (HIV & AIDS 2010) - Published Version
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• 331 new HIV diagnoses in 2010 (240 males and 89 females)
• Incident HIV diagnoses was 7.8 per 100,000 population
• 16.2% decrease in cases compared to 2009
• New diagnoses among MSM remain high and sex between men is now the predominant mode of transmission in Ireland
• Heterosexual transmission accounted for 37.2% of new cases, down from 63.7% of cases in 2002. In particular, there has been a reduction in the number of cases among people from high prevalence countries
• 6.6% of new infections among injecting drug users
• 136 (41%) of new cases born in Ireland
• 54 new AIDS diagnoses reported in 2010 with 29 of the AIDS cases reported at the same time as HIV diagnosis.
• 10 deaths among AIDS cases reported

Injecting Drug Users (IDUs):
• 6.6% of new infections were among IDUs.
• The annual number of new cases among IDUs has decreased every year since 2004 (72).
• 18 of the new cases were male and 4 were female.
• The median age among IDUs was 32.5 years (range 19-50 years).
• 36.4% (8 cases) were born in Ireland and 36.4% (8 cases) were born in Central and Eastern Europe.
• Of the new cases in IDUs at the time of HIV diagnosis, 11 were asymptomatic, two had AIDS and two had an acute HIV infection.

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