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Shannon, Geoffrey (2010) Fourth report of the Special Rapporteur on Child Protection. Dublin: Office for the Minister for Children.

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Despite the level of economic prosperity in Ireland for much of the past decade, the issue of homelessness has never been comprehensively addressed by our society; and now, with our recent economic decline, homelessness in Ireland is once again on the rise. Of particular concern is the level of homelessness amongst children. Children by their very nature are a vulnerable section within society and those children who find themselves homeless are particularly at risk.

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Publisher:Office for the Minister for Children
Place of Publication:Dublin
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Subjects:G Health and disease > State of health > Mental health
A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Prevalence > Problem substance use
MA-ML Social science, culture and community > Social condition > Homelessness
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland
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