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Carew, Anne Marie ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8026-7228 (2011) Filling a gap at BAAG. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 37, Spring 2011, p. 7.

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Bluebell Addiction Advisory Group (BAAG) was founded in 2004. The organisation provides programmes such as the Get Active Group (GAP) for women and the Men’s Gardening Group. GAP aims to fill the gaps left by addiction, such as boredom, isolation and depression, through a programme of activities designed to tap into hidden talents and build on existing interests. 

GAP members took part in a six-week cookery course with chef Yves Tastet and produced a cookbook that focused on nutrition and healthy eating as a way of avoiding health problems such as depression, low energy levels and liver disease. The cookbook, Filling a gap at BAAG,1 was launched by the Canal Communities Local Drugs Task Force in 2010.
Members of the group have visited other task force projects and recreated dishes from the cookbook in an effort to motivate others to make nutrition and health a priority in their recovery. A catering service run by GAP has catered for up to 100 people at events organised by Dublin City Council, Canal Communities Local Drugs Task Force, Rialto Youth Project and the Community Lynks Project.
GAP works in partnership with the Men's Gardening Group to create jobs within the local community. The men’s group grows fruit and vegetables which are bought by GAP for their catering business. The groups recently worked together to acquire skills in producing Christmas wreaths and table centre pieces. The groups are currently working together planting fruit trees and will produce jam for community sales in the future.
The group has taken ownership of its activities; members carry out duties and roles, including those of cookbook tour co-ordinator, leaflet and business card design and donations manager. GAP provides summer camps and events for members’ children so that the women can continue in their programme during school holiday periods. 
1. Get Active Group (2010) Filling a gap at BAAG. Dublin: Bluebell Addiction Advisory Group.
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