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Brooke, Simon (2011) Housing people who misuse substances: making Housing First work. Dublin: St Dominic’s Housing Association.

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This study sought to:

•Examine the applicability of the Housing First model to people with substance misuse issues
•Identify best practice in relation to supports needed to ensure tenancy ustainability for this vulnerable group

This report covers both these areas: Section 2 discusses the Housing First approach and its general applicability to people who misuse substances. Section 3 examines some of the specific practical issues that need to be addressed when housing people who misuse substances. This section is intended to act as a guide for people involved in the housing of people with substance misuse problems.

It is worth stating at this juncture, that many, if not all, the issues discussed in this report are relevant to people who have an alcohol addiction as well as those who misuse substances.

It is also important to remember that there are perhaps 14,000 heroin users in Ireland, and the great majority of them are housed. So, whilst there is a higher prevalence of substance misuse among the homeless population than among the population as a whole, only a minority of people who misuse substances are homeless.

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