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BBC News. [BBC News] Consultation on minimum price of alcohol in NI launched. (07 Mar 2011)

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Stormont ministers believe alcohol misuse could be costing NI £900m a year.

The figure includes the price of treating addicts, care for people who have been injured through alcohol abuse and the cost of drink-related crime.

Ministers say alcohol is too cheap and they want to impose a minimum price.

It could bring the cost of the cheapest bottle of wine up to £4.20. A 14-week consultation process has been launched.

Executive ministers, Michael McGimpsey and Alex Attwood have said the minimum price for a unit of alcohol should be between 40 and 70 pence.

The plans would mean the minimum price of a six pack of beer would be £4.40 if 40p per unit was adopted, or £7.70 if it was 70p per unit.


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