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White, Emma and Browne, Ciaran and McKiernan, Brendan and Sweeney, Brion (2011) Keltoi rehabilitation programme: post-discharge outcome study. Drugs: Education Prevention and Policy, 18, (5), pp. 353-360. https://doi.org/10.1097/md.0000000000023206.

Aims: This article presents the results of a survey of clients of Keltoi, a residential rehabilitation facility for former opiate-dependent individuals. The survey was carried out to evaluate the success of its unique programme in assisting participants to pursue a drug-free life.

Methods: Between 1- and 3-years post-discharge, 53.7% (n = 80) of all former Keltoi clients (n = 149 at the time of study), were interviewed with respect to abstinence, health, crime and employment measures. This was an uncontrolled cohort study.

Findings: Abstinence from all illicit drugs and alcohol in 30 days pre-interview was reported by 51.3% (n = 41) of the cohort; 60.0% (n = 48) reported abstinence from all illicit drugs excluding alcohol. Only 5.4% (n = 5) reported injecting behaviour. Outcomes are presented with respect to crime, health and risk behaviours, social and personal functioning and employment.

Conclusions: The percentage of those reporting abstinence from illicit drugs was high at 60.0%, and was associated with minimal criminal activity and higher positive outcomes than non-abstinence. Exploring the association between the Keltoi approach and these encouraging results has implications for the design, delivery and evaluation of drug treatment services in Ireland, particularly in the context of the treatment and rehabilitation pillar of the Irish National Drugs Strategy 2009–2016.

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