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Inishowen News. [Inishowen News] Alcohol group backs pub call. (10 Jan 2011)

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A charity that aims to tackle harmful drinking has welcomed a call by Irish vintners for minimum alcohol prices.
The North West Alcohol Forum (NWAF) said there was "clear international evidence" that a minimum price for alcohol would dramatically assist a reduction in alcohol consumption.

NWAF director Eamon O'Kane said: "In Ireland the pattern of alcohol purchasing has shifted from the pub to the off-licence and supermarkets in particular. A way to reduce binge drinking and teenage drinking would be to support this call by the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland."
Mr O'Kane added: "A well run pub can offer regulated and appropriately priced alcohol vending that removes the need for expensive legislative minimum pricing processes.”
According to the local forum, recent research at the University of Sheffield found that introducing a minimum price per unit of alcohol reduced levels of alcohol consumption by 10.3 per cent among harmful drinkers and 3.8 per cent among moderate drinkers.


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