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Irish Medical Times. [Irish Medical Times] Opioid addiction is like other chronic relapsing conditions. (26 Aug 2010)

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Dr Moosajee Bhamjee (IMT, July 9, page 11, ‘Swapping one illegal drug for another legal one’; see is grossly inaccurate in stating that “methadone was to be prescribed for only a minority (10 per cent) of heroin addicts who had failed to abstain”.

The treatment of choice for heroin addiction is opioid-agonist treatment and is supported by numerous studies stretching over 40 years. It needs to be stressed that the outcomes for detoxification from opioids are poor.

As Dr Cathal Ó Súilliobháin highlighted in his original response (IMT, June 11, ‘Resources must target proven treatments’; see, there is the added risk of fatal overdose due to loss of opioid tolerance.


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