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National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. [NICE] (2007) Drug misuse: opioid detoxification. London: NICE. Clinical Guideline 52

PDF (Opioid detoxification) - Published Version

URL: http://guidance.nice.org.uk/CG52

NICE has produced two guidelines on drug misuse – ‘Drug misuse: psychosocial interventions’ (NICE clinical guideline 51) and ‘Drug misuse: opioid detoxification’ (NICE clinical guideline 52). They cover:
• the support and treatment people can expect to be offered if they have a problem with or are dependent on opioids, stimulants or cannabis
• how families and carers may be able to support a person with a drug problem and get help for themselves.
NICE clinical guideline 52 makes recommendations for the treatment of people who are undergoing detoxification for opioid dependence arising from the misuse of illicit drugs.

NICE has produced a joint quick reference guide and ‘Understanding NICE guidance’ that cover both guidelines, as well as tools to help organisations implement this guidance – these have been integrated with tools for other NICE guidance on drug misuse.

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