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International Centre for Alcohol Policies. (2004) What drives underage drinking? An international analysis. Washington: International Center for Alcohol Policies.

PDF (What drivies underage drinking?) - Published Version

This report explores the basis of underage drinking from the epidemiological, biomedical, and cultural perspectives
and reviews their implications for future research, education, and government policy. The intent is to contribute to the ongoing debate over appropriate and effective responses to the risks posed by early alcohol debut and misuse.

The report is broadly divided into two parts. The first part consists of three articles: Dr. Marie Choquet examines the epidemiological data on underage drinking, Dr. Linda Patia Spear then reviews the biomedical aspects of early alcohol exposure, and Dr. Gonzalo Araoz concludes with his section on cultural considerations. The second part of the report provides three commentaries that assess the articles’ implications for researchers (by Dr. Susumu Riguchi), educators (by Jeffrey Lee), and policy-makers (by Godfrey Robson). The main conclusions of the authors and the
commentators are as follows.

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