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Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force, Safer Balymun. (2010) A road to change: Ballymun community alcohol strategy. Dublin: Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force.

PDF (A road to change: Ballymun community alcohol strategy) - Published Version

Ballymun’s1 alcohol consumption levels match, and in some cases exceed, national consumption levels which have risen exponentially since 1989. Increasing consumption levels have led to a consequent rise in health and social harms, coupled with a sometimes fatalistic sense that little can be done to overcome their impact. The Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force and Safer Ballymun, who have worked together in the development of this Ballymun Community Alcohol Strategy, reject the notion that increased alcohol consumption is an irreversible, uncontrollable tide.

Our Strategy aims to bring about a change in the local environmental and community systems which currently facilitate harmful levels and patterns of drinking. The Ballymun Community Alcohol Strategy is the result of more than a year of consultation with local people, community leaders, statutory organisations and political representatives. It takes a public health focus which aims to reduce overall alcohol consumption levels and change harmful patterns of drinking in the community and, by doing so, reduce alcoholrelated harm. In devising its overall approach and specific actions, the Strategy draws its recommendations from Irish and international expertise on public health and alcohol. The Strategy proposes that a number of areas must be addressed locally to achieve a reduction in harm; including regulating the numbers/density of alcohol retail outlets, policing and enforcement, community awareness and attitude change, education, treatment and harm reduction.

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