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Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development. (2008) Ireland: towards an integrated public service. Executive summary. Paris: OECD.

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As with many other OECD countries that have embarked on significant public service transformation programmes, the focus of the reform efforts to date in Ireland has tended, with some exceptions, to be inward oriented, focusing on improving internal processes and structures. Initiatives, in line with those undertaken in many OECD countries, have focused on a broad range of internal processes to build capacity at individual and organisational levels, improve service delivery, develop organisational and individual performance management, establish governance procedures, create greater transparency, improve consultation and increase the use of evidence-based policy making.

These changes were not only significant, but necessary and the OECD recognises the value of the reforms made, particularly since the development of the Strategic Management Initiative and the publication of Delivering Better Government in the mid 1990s. While the full benefit of some of the more recent reforms, such as the production of departments’ Annual Output Statements linking annual targets to annual expenditure allocations, have yet to be fully realised, broadly speaking Ireland is on a sound trajectory of modernisation. And it can further improve the yield from reforms by renewing focus on their pace and sequencing in order to make them more mutually reinforcing.

Table of contents
• Executive Summary
• Chapter 1. Main Assessments and Recommendations
• Chapter 2. Fiscal and Demographic Developments
• Chapter 3. The Irish Public Service
• Chapter 4. Ensuring Capacity
• Chapter 5. Motivating Performance
• Chapter 6. Moving Toward a Citizen-centred Approach
• Chapter 7. Strengthening Governance
• Case Study 1. Reconfiguration of Hospital Services
• Case Study 2. Managing Agencies
• Case Study 3. Local Waste Management in Ireland
• Case Study 4. School Planning in the Educational Sector
• Bibliography
• Annex A. Methodology
• Annex B. Consultation

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