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[Drug Treatment Centre Board] The Drug Treatment Centre Board Pioneers First Nurse Prescribers in Addiction in Ireland. (05 Jan 2010)

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Sheila Heffernan General Manager of The Drug Treatment Centre Board is delighted to announce the successful graduation of two of its nurses as Nurse Prescribers in Addiction. Sheila said this is a great achievement for our service and for the future potential of addiction treatment in Ireland".

She highlighted the continued trend in the increase in substance misuse nationally and went on to say that our Board, as a specialist provider of treatment services over the last 40 years recognises the complexity of addiction and the multifaceted approach that is required and that there is no one solution that works for everyone. Our range of services, specialist teams and dedication to excellence has positioned us perfectly to become the first to introduce nurse prescribing in addiction nationally. Expanding prescriptive authority to nurses has the real potential to enhance patient care and deliver on the HSE Transformation Programme Priorities.

Dr. John O�Connor, Clinical Director at The Drug Treatment Centre Board said as the first addiction service to have qualified Nurse prescribers we are confident that this development will assist us in ensuring that we develop appropriate responses to emerging needs within existing resources.

Maureen Flynn, Assistant Director of Nursing, Office of the Nursing Services Director who presented the first two Nurse Prescribers in Addiction with their certification said The Drug Treatment Centre Board has played a vital part in taking on the pioneering role of introduction Nurse Prescribing in Addiction. This is truly an important advancement and a great achievement for your Board.


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Date:5 January 2010
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