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National Office for Suicide Prevention. (2009) National Office for Suicide Prevention: annual report 2008. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

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Suicidal behaviour continues to be a significant public health issue in Ireland. The latest figures for death by suicide from the Central Statistics Office show a small ongoing reduction in the last 3 years. Given population growth in that period the rate of suicide per 100,000 population is the lowest since 1993, when suicide was decriminalised. These reductions give some cause for optimism that the actions being taken to prevent suicide at local and national level are beginning to impact.

However, recent data for 2008 from the National Suicide Research Foundation shows an increase of 8% in self harm presentations to our hospital emergency departments. International evidence shows a strong link between self harm, particularly repeated self harm, and suicide. Whilst it is too early to say whether the increase in self harm will be reflected in an increase in suicide data for 2007 and 2008 we must continue to implement actions which we expect will hold down or reduce our numbers of suicides.

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