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Van Hout, Marie Claire (2009) An illustrative picture of Irish youth substance use. Journal of Alcohol & Drug Education, 53, (1), pp. 7-14.

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This extensive letter describes recent exploratory research in Ireland, which was undertaken to provide a snapshot of the perspectives of youth, community, addiction, educational and health service providers, in youth substance use and current service provision.

Drug and alcohol prevalence trends and patterns of use in Ireland have become increasingly diverse in drug type, poly substance use, drug availability and demographics of users. National prevalence surveys indicate increasing drug and alcohol use among young people and suggest that substance use is increasingly accommodated into adolescent lives and culture (NACD, 2007). Ireland is ranked the highest among the thirty-five European countries in the number of adolescents who regularly binge drink and second highest for reported general drunkenness, with Irish school-going students showing a higher than average prevalence of lifetime use of an illicit drug (EMCDDA, 2007).

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April 2009
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American Alcohol & Drug Information Foundation
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