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Cox, Gemma and Comiskey, Catherine and Kelly, Paul (2007) ROSIE Findings 3: summary of 1-year outcomes: abstinence modality. Dublin: National Advisory Committee on Drugs.

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The Research Outcome Study in Ireland (ROSIE) is the first national, prospective, longitudinal, multi-site drug treatment outcome study in the country. The National Advisory Committee on Drugs (NACD) commissioned this research in 2002 as required by the National Drugs Strategy Action 99. The aim of the Study is to recruit and follow opiate users entering treatment over a period of time documenting the changes observed.

Abstinence cohort: Follow-up rates:
Of the 82 people recruited within the abstinence modality, 98% (n=80) were located, and 68% (n=56) successfully completed a 1-year interview. One individual died within the follow-up period, two people withdrew from the study, 21 people were located but not successfully interviewed, and an additional two participants were not located. These 26 people ‘lost’ to follow-up were excluded from the comparative analysis to allow for valid assessment across the two time periods. This is the third paper in the ROSIE Findings series and it provides a snapshot of the outcomes for people in the abstinence modality one year after treatment intake.

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