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Galvin, Brian (2007) Draft Programme for Government. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 22, Summer 2007, p. 1.

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The draft programme for government agreed by the incoming coalition on 12 June addresses the issues of problem alcohol use and illicit drugs under the headings ‘Health’, ‘Local & National Sports Facilities’ and ‘Justice’.


Drugs: Most of the actions relating to drug use are under the ‘Justice’ heading. The new Government will implement the recommendations of the working group on drugs rehabilitation, including providing extra detox beds and dedicated community employment places. Two cocaine-specific treatment centres will be established and approved pilot cocaine projects will be supported.  The Government will support the development of projects by local and regional drugs task forces and targeted Garda anti-drug-use programmes in schools and third-level institutions, and will continue to use the Young People’s Facilities and Services Fund to assist in the development of youth facilities and services in disadvantaged areas.


Actions aimed at reducing the supply of drugs include increasing Garda powers to allow random searches for drugs at particular places, times or events, expanding the Criminal Assets Bureau operational presence in each Garda division, and the mandatory registration of mobile phones. Measures to make prisons drug-free by prohibiting physical contact with prisoners and drug testing on arrival will be introduced. The Drug Court programme will be expanded and judges will have the option of sentencing certain offenders to mandatory drug treatment programmes in addition to prison terms.


Under the ‘Local & National Sports Facilities’ heading, the level of ‘own funding’ required from applicants to the Sports Capital Programme will be reduced in areas of urban disadvantage, such as RAPID or local drugs task force areas.


Alcohol: Under the ‘Health’ heading, the Government commits to implementing the recommendations of the working group on alcohol abuse.  Actions relating to young people include raising awareness of the damage caused by binge drinking, supporting the establishment of alcohol-free youth cafes, and the doubling of penalties for all offences relating to providing alcohol to underage persons.  Other actions include developing a code of practice for off-licences, using the tax system to promote low-alcohol and alcohol-free products, and providing early intervention programmes in all social, health and justice services.


Provision is made under the ‘Justice’ heading for an increase in penalties under the Public Order Act, especially for alcohol-related disorder.  Under ‘Sports Facilities’, the Government will discuss the phasing out of sponsorship of sporting events by the alcohol industry. 


The full text of the Draft Programme is on the Fianna Fáil website at www.fiannafail.ie.

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