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Long, Jean (2005) Merchants Quay Ireland launches its annual review for 2004. Drugnet Ireland, Issue 16, Winter 2005, p. 8.

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Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI) launched its Annual Review 2004 on 16 September 2005. According to the report, the services provide creative and innovative responses to drug use and homelessness in Ireland. The organisation estimated that there are 2,009 homeless drug users in Ireland. A comprehensive set of drug services is provided to drug users through MQI, ranging from needle exchange to reintegration programmes. The numbers of drug users who received services through these programmes in 2004 are presented in the table below.

Name of service

Type of intervention

Number of participants


Needle Exchange–Health Promotion Unit

Exchange of injecting equipment

Safer injection training

Safe sex advice

Health and social care services

Outreach service

3,300 (including 450 new cases)

256 workshops

Not available

Not available


Not available

Not applicable

Methadone programme

Prescribing, counselling and health-care support


Not provided

High Park Residential Programme

Residential detoxification


Medication-free therapy




10 successful detoxifications

Not provided

St Francis Farm

Therapeutic and personal development programme

22 (18 discharged)

12 completed 3 months or more

FAS Community Employment Services



52 gained employment

MQI completed two important research projects ‘Drug use among the homeless population in Ireland’ and ‘Drug use among new communities in Ireland’ in 2004; the results of these projects were published in 2005 and were covered in issue 14 of Drugnet Ireland.


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