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[Irish Examiner] , Clifford, Michael Staff demand publication of Cork addiction facility probe. (14 Sep 2020)

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[Irish Times] , Gallagher, Conor Most children in youth detention centre had lost at least one parent. (28 Sep 2018)

[] , Mcgrath, Dominic 'People tend to start doing cocaine because it's so much more socially acceptable'. (10 Sep 2018)

[] , Brophy, Daragh Ex-Assistant Commissioner on drug debate: 'Our young people are criminalised, deprived of life chances'. (13 Jun 2018)

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[Irish Mirror] , O'Callaghan, Gavin Young drug dealers should be able to have records wiped for second chance, minister says. (07 Jan 2018)

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[] , Lynott, Laura Children as young as 13 are caught up in crack 'epidemic'. (06 Mar 2017)

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[Irish Medical Times] , Mudiwa, Lloyd Detox unit invites referrals. (11 Dec 2013)

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[Oireachtas] 319. Deputy Tom Hayes asked the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform the extent to which heroin use is a factor in crime here; his policy regarding heroin use and addiction treatment; the additional measures being taken to tackle heroin related crime; the statistics he has in relation to heroin use and under-age heroin use here including in South Tipperary. [27110/09]. (07 Jul 2009)

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