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Ruane, Lynn (2022) “A prison cell is not where support actually happens” – Ineffective response to ‘war on drugs’. Dublin: Newstalk.com.

(2020) Calls for a crackdown on 'dial-a-drink' Facebook pages. Dublin: Newstalk.com.

Newstalk.com. (2018) Tony Duffin on ‘The Hard Shoulder’ with Ivan Yates. Responding to drug use in Ireland – there is another way…. Dublin: drugs.ie.


[newstalk.com] , Murphy, Eoghan Nearly 1,100 children hospitalised with drug and alcohol-related issues last year. (15 Jul 2022)

[newstalk.com] , Murphy, Eoghan Nearly 100 new-born babies are treated for drug-withdrawal symptoms every year. (25 May 2022)

[newstalk.com] , Murphy, Eoghan Over 900 children were treated in hospital for drug and alcohol-related illnesses in 2020. (25 Aug 2021)

[newstalk.com] , Murphy, Eoghan Almost 300 calls to the National Poisons Information Centre of Ireland last year about children consuming hand sanitiser. (21 May 2021)

[newstalk.com] , Murphy, Stephen and McNeice, Stephen ‘As easy as ordering a takeaway’ – Dozens of social media accounts openly advertising sale of drugs. (26 Mar 2021)

[newstalk.com] There were over 1,200 drug seizures in Irish prisons last year. (05 Mar 2021)

[newstalk.com] , Murphy, Eoghan The amount of drugs coming into jails is 'extremely concerning', according to some prison chaplains. (09 Dec 2020)

[newstalk.com] , Staines, Michael Call for drugs to be 'nationalised' and legally sold in Government-run pharmacies. (24 Oct 2020)

[newstalk.com] , Staines, Michael Children as young as 15 losing 'vast amounts of money' to online gambling. (13 Oct 2020)

[newstalk.com] , Staines, Michael Campaigners are calling for the legalisation of drugs as a matter of public health. (13 Aug 2020)

[newstalk.com] Over 9.7 million worth of drugs seized at Ireland's mail centres last year. (18 Jun 2020)

[newstalk.com] , Quann, Jack 10,000 deaths caused by alcohol-related illness and incidents. (30 Dec 2019)

[newstalk.com] , Quann, Jack Drug seizures at Irish mail centres increases by over 91%. (30 Nov 2019)

[newstalk.com] 1,100 cases where kids were treated for alcohol and drug related illnesses in Irish hospitals last year. (29 Jul 2019)

[newstalk.com] The Pat Kenny Show: Healthcare or handcuffs: decriminalising drugs.. (13 Jun 2018)

[newstalk.com] , Staines, Michael Green Party calls for Government investment in growing medicinal cannabis. (25 May 2018)

[newstalk.com] Open cocaine use "normalised" in Irish pubs - councilor. (15 Feb 2017)

[newstalk.com] National addiction service calls for decriminalisation of drugs. (03 Jan 2017)

[newstalk.com] , Healy, Catherine Could Irish festivalgoers be allowed to test illegal drugs before taking them? (25 Jul 2016)

[newstalk.com] Junior Minister insists there is political will for de-criminalising drug use. (07 Sep 2015)

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