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[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Nearly 750 patients now receiving suboxone. (28 May 2023)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine IMO backs American Medical Association position on cannabis. (21 Apr 2023)

[Medical Independent] , Fogerty, James The debate – ‘e-cigarettes do more harm than good’. (16 Dec 2022)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Upward trend in Suboxone prescription continues. (09 Aug 2022)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Weekly ‘low-risk’ alcohol guidelines to be reviewed. (21 Jan 2022)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Continued increase in numbers receiving Suboxone. (06 Aug 2021)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine Epilepsy specialists call for inclusion of purified CBD product in access programme. (04 Jun 2021)

[Medical Independent] , Cahill, Niamh Surprise expressed at low number of Covid-19 cases among people who use drugs. (18 Sep 2020)

[Medical Independent] , Cahill, Niamh ‘A subsection of clients feel lockdown has made it easier to avoid drug use’. (29 Jun 2020)

[Medical Independent] , Marrinan, Alan and Ryan, John Alcohol in Ireland: Dying for a drink. (16 Jun 2020)

[Medical Independent] , Keating, Shay Hepatitis C care at the National Drug Treatment Centre — almost 30 years on. (30 Apr 2020)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Measures to provide Covid-19 testing and accommodation for homeless underway. (19 Mar 2020)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David HSE finalising new school curriculum on drug use. (23 May 2019)

[Medical Independent] Alcohol-related liver disease hospital admissions in Ireland soar in ten-year period. (22 Nov 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Lee, Ja Wei When gaming becomes more than a game. (05 Nov 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Cahill, Niamh Improved data collection required for blood-borne viruses. (25 Oct 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David HSE reaches agreement with company to allow increased access to suboxone. (04 Oct 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine Medical cannabis licences issued for nine patients. (24 Sep 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Cahill, Niamh Call for opioid antidote to be available without prescription. (09 Aug 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David The great e-cigarette debate. (19 Jul 2018)

[Medical Independent] Irish Cancer Society "shocked" at Labour attempts to remove cancer labelling from Alcohol Bill. (15 Jun 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine Minister will still have power to grant licences for medical cannabis. (14 Jun 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Negotiations for wider availability of suboxone in ‘advanced stages’. (26 Apr 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David More than 300 certificates of analysis issued under new drug-driving rules. (05 Mar 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David No legal challenge on big tobacco planned. (05 Mar 2018)

[Medical Independent] 40 babies admitted for drug withdrawal treatment. (08 Feb 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine Work of expert group on cannabis still not complete. (25 Jan 2018)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David A new dawn for drug policy? (07 Dec 2017)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine Significant rise in homeless methadone recipients. (14 Oct 2017)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine Seized oncology medications were aimed at bodybuilders. (05 Oct 2017)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Toasting to success for the Alcohol Bill?,. (25 Sep 2017)

[Medical Independent] A wolf in sheep’s clothing: alcohol and cancer . (25 Sep 2017)

[Medical Independent] Alcohol Bill "vital" say Emergency Department doctors. (21 Sep 2017)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Role of doctors in injection facility ‘being worked on’. (10 Aug 2017)

[Medical Independent] , Cahill, Niamh HSE below target for PNEX pharmacies. (25 May 2017)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Lobbying on alcohol bill likened to ‘David vs Goliath’. (12 Jan 2017)

[Medical Independent] 900 people in Ireland diagnosed with alcohol-related cancer every year. (07 Dec 2016)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Minister to raise ‘concerns’ over NTMA tobacco investment. (25 Nov 2016)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine Shining a light on Ireland’s drug habits. (17 Nov 2016)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine Other drugs ‘could fill the void’ following abused drug controls — HSE addiction specialist. (16 Nov 2016)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine More ‘hands-on’ training needed on methadone prescribing. (15 Sep 2016)

[Medical Independent] , Mulholland, Paul Naloxone programme set to be expanded across Ireland. (15 Sep 2016)

[Medical Independent] , Fogarty, James 13 prisoners hospitalised due to drug poisoning. (25 Aug 2016)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David A new Minister, a new policy? (09 Jun 2016)

[Medical Independent] European Tobacco Products Directive signed into Irish law. (20 May 2016)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David New moves to ascertain number of gambling addicts in Ireland. (05 Nov 2015)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Tackling Ireland’s alcohol love affair. (22 Oct 2015)

[Medical Independent] Alcohol in primary care. (09 Oct 2015)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Hopes raised for OTC naloxone. (08 Oct 2015)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David A shot in the arm to tackle overdose deaths. (08 Oct 2015)

[Medical Independent] , Gallagher, Hugh Tackling alcohol addiction. (08 Oct 2015)

[Medical Independent] , Cahill, Niamh Students using prescription medications to ‘get high’. (27 Aug 2015)

[Medical Independent] Minister of State moots significant rethink on methadone system. (09 Jul 2015)

[Medical Independent] Minister Lynch announces logo to show legitimacy of medicines retailers. (01 Jul 2015)

[Medical Independent] Availability of antidote to heroin-related overdoses welcomed. (21 May 2015)

[Medical Independent] Alcohol Action Ireland critical of mooted voluntary code change. (27 Jan 2015)

[Medical Independent] GP concerns were raised over any benzodiazepine prescription changes. (23 Oct 2014)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David The end of the ‘war on drugs’? (14 Aug 2014)

[Medical Independent] , Reilly, Catherine ‘Safe’ alcohol: too good to be true? (03 Apr 2014)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, David Alcohol toolkit created for primary care. (19 Dec 2013)

[Medical Independent] ISG calls for improvements in access to alcohol abuse services. (05 Dec 2013)

[Medical Independent] , Fogarty, James Calls for radical change to chaotic addiction services across Ireland. (14 Mar 2013)

[Medical Independent] , Fogarty, James Over the counter medicine implicated in 51 deaths. (14 Mar 2013)

[Medical Independent] Mental health main cause of youth GP visits in Mid West. (18 Dec 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Jordan, Ailbhe Need to improve alcohol advice in SATUs. (01 Nov 2012)

[Medical Independent] , De Brun, Rita Online drugs a risky business. (01 Nov 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Fogarty, James The remedy as the problem. (04 Oct 2012)

[Medical Independent] Damaging effects of alcohol abuse seen by GPs every day. (18 Apr 2012)

[Medical Independent] , Shannon, June HSE benzodiazepine letters to encourage quality prescribing. (23 Mar 2012)

[Medical Independent] Violent deaths among drug users more closely related to social exclusion. (16 Nov 2011)

[Medical Independent] , Lynch, Priscilla Alcohol-related illness costs Irish hospitals €800 million in 5 years. (14 Jul 2011)

[Medical Independent] , Shannon, June An addiction on prescription. (30 Jun 2011)

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