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Drug use

Some key documents

(2019) Crack cocaine use in Ballymun: an evidence base for interventions. Full text


(2017) Estimating the prevalence of problematic opiate use in Ireland using indirect statistical methods. Full text


(2016) Prevalence of drug use and gambling in Ireland & drug use in Northern Ireland Full text


(2016) Overview of alcohol consumption, alcohol-related harm and alcohol policy in Ireland Full text/ summary article


(2016) ESPAD 2015: European Schools Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs in Ireland. Full text

This report describe the prevalence of the use of alcohol and other drugs among students born in 1999 (aged 15-16 years old);


(2014) Alcohol consumption in Ireland 2013: analysis of a national alcohol diary survey. full text / summary article /Data tables

This survey included questions on both the rates and patterns of alcohol consumption in Ireland and on alcohol-related harm.


(2013) Models of addiction full text / summary article 

This report reviews theories of addiction with a view to generating an overarching framework or model that captures all the main elements.

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