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O'Neill, M and Fadl, H and Keavney, L (2003) Adolescent alcohol misuse: searching for a solution. Irish Medical Journal , 96 , (9) , pp. 279-80.

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Alcohol misuse permeates western society. While few adolescents become addicted to alcohol in their teenage years, eighty per cent experiment. Subsequently a significant number enter a stage of regular use or binge drinking. In Ireland, weekly drinking occurs in 1%, 6% and 12% of eleven, thirteen and fifteen year old females; and in males aged eleven, thirteen and fifteen years of age it is 7%, 8% and 28%1. Adolescents enter the problem use stage of alcohol when they come in contact with the health services as a consequence of their excessive drinking. Doctors, while committed to the prevention of alcohol abuse by adolescents feel uncomfortable and inadequately prepared to address this issue. This study was undertaken to address the interaction of young adolescents at the problem stage of alcohol with hospital services and to review strategies to address their needs.

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